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Uploading Documents with HTML5

Mar 3rd, 2011

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Samuel Clay

The document upload dialog we rolled out in January allowed users to upload multiple documents at once and incorporated some nice touches like a progress bar that tracked progress of your documents. The Flash uploader was a great move forward for us but a handful of our users were having trouble with it, so we’ve rewritten it in open-standards based HTML5.

Today, we just pushed out an update to the file uploader. Continue reading »

Uploading Documents Gets a Little Easier

Aug 18th, 2010

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Amanda Hickman

You’ve always been able to script batch uploads using our API, but for users without coding skills, uploads were one at a time. Today we’re rolling out an improved document uploading dialog that will let you upload as many documents as you want, all in one fell swoop.

You’ll still use the “New Documents” button, but now that button takes you straight to a file selection dialog.
Use the control (on MS Windows) or command (on Macs) key to select additional documents, just like you would in your file browser.

File selection screenshot

We’ll start you off by suggesting a title, based on each file’s name, but you can edit that name and add additional information, including the source of each document and a description. As with the old upload dialog, you can decide right when you upload your document whether or not you’re ready to share it with the world yet. As ever, you can edit all of these fields again later.

If your documents share a common source or description, use the “Apply to All Files” link to copy your metadata to each document in this batch. Note: this new upload interface requires Flash. If that’s an issue for you, let us know ASAP and we’ll whip up an alternate interface that doesn’t require any plugins. Promise.

As the files upload from your computer to DocumentCloud, you’ll see the progress of each transfer.

Better Processing, Too
This week’s release is more than just a new upload dialog. We’ve made some big changes to Docsplit and the RightAWS gem, and we’re hoping this means the dreaded “import failed” error will be a thing of the past. If looking under the hood is your thing, both Docsplit and our fork of RightAWS are on on github for your viewing (and reusing) pleasure.

Don’t be a Stranger
If you have gigabytes worth of documents to upload, get in touch before you start uploading so we can add more horsepower to handle your job. Otherwise, happy uploading! And don’t forget to tell us about what you’re publishing with DocumentCloud.