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WordPress DocumentCloud 0.4.0 supports page embed

Dec 17th, 2015


Anthony DeBarros

We’re excited to announce that DocumentCloud’s custom WordPress plugin now features support for Page Embed, our lightweight, responsive viewer. Version 0.4.0 — which includes additional enhancements and bug fixes — is available for download now, and we recommend upgrading as soon as practical.

The plugin makes publishing documents, notes and now pages as simple as dropping a shortcode in your WordPress post. As with documents and notes, the embed wizard in the DocumentCloud workspace generates the shortcode for a page at the same time it creates our traditional embed code. Here’s an example:

[documentcloud url=""]

Download, install and activate the plugin, drop the shortcode into your story, and it renders the page including annotations:

For more information on embedding, check out our Help docs.

Our WordPress plugin — as with the entire DocumentCloud platform — is an open-source project, and we welcome your contributions, ideas and feedback! Visit the GitHub repository or get in touch via

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