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Celebrating one million public documents

Nov 24th, 2015


Anthony DeBarros

Dear DocumentCloud users:

Pat yourselves on the back!

On Monday evening, the number of documents available in the DocumentCloud public catalog passed one million. All told, the number of public pages now exceeds 13 million.

These public documents — plus another 1.4 million private documents in our database — represent a lot of your hard work. Often, they’re the result of hours of dogged reporting, persistent requests to government agencies, the scraping of websites, and a determination to treat “no” as an unacceptable answer. 

Thanks to you, DocumentCloud’s public catalog has become a deep well representing an amazing diversity of topics. In November’s uploads alone, you’ll find subjects ranging from New York state’s lawsuit against the fantasy sports site DraftKings to a recent announcement by the National Institutes of Health that it will no longer support biomedical research on chimpanzees to tens of thousands of pages of Argentinian election results.

It’s a moment to celebrate. We at DocumentCloud and Investigative Reporters and Editors applaud you. We’re grateful both for your reporting that shines a light and for what, collectively, you’re building along with us. Thank you.

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