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A new language for our Workspace: Danish

May 18th, 2015


Anthony DeBarros

Good news – or, if you speak Danish, gode nyheder! Starting today, Danish-speakers can set the DocumentCloud workspace to default to their native language, thanks to translation help from Nils Mulvad, editor at Kaas & Mulvad and associate professor at The Danish School of Media and Journalism.

The addition of Danish increases the number of workspace translations to five. Along with English, we also support Spanish (thanks to work by Fernando Diaz), and Russian and Ukrainian (thanks for both to Roman Kolgushev).

Widening our language support remains an ongoing mission at DocumentCloud, part of our commitment to making our platform accessible to journalists around the world. As we wrote in March when we added OCR support for three additional languages, DocumentCloud language support falls into three categories: text search, entity extraction and workspace translation. We also have work under way to support additional languages in the document viewer.

Thanks to recent work by our development team, we’ve made it easier for collaborators to translate our workspace into more languages – and we’re looking for help! If you’re interested in helping bring DocumentCloud’s workspace to your language, please email us at

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