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Easier publishing with WordPress and oEmbed

May 5th, 2015


Ted Han

Today, we’re making it easier for you to embed documents and notes with an updated WordPress plugin and an oEmbed service to power it.

The WordPress plugin – which builds upon an earlier version developed by Chris Amico for NPR’s StateImpact project – adds the ability to embed notes as well as documents using shortcodes. And we’ve updated our embed wizard so it will generate the WordPress shortcodes for you like this:

[documentcloud url="" ]

Which embed like this:


The plugin is powered by our new oEmbed API. It's our next step in helping you integrate DocumentCloud embed codes into your content management system so embedding documents and notes is as simple as pasting in a URL.

You can install our plugin right now by visiting its WordPress page. Developers interested in adding simple embedding with our oEmbed API can find its documentation in our help pages.

Read on for more details:


Since 2011, WordPress users have been able to embed documents on their blogs thanks to a plugin created by Chris Amico for NPR’s StateImpact project.

Chris’ plugin let users embed documents with shortcodes by translating the shortcodes into HTML embed codes.

With Chris’ help, and input from Adam Schweigert of the Project Largo team, we’ve released a new version of the plugin that adds:

  1. Note Embeds: You can now embed individual notes as easily as documents. Just pass a note URL into the shortcode with the url attribute.
  2. Raw URL Support: You can now paste the URL for a document or note onto its own line, and the plugin will translate that into an embed.
  3. oEmbed Support: Embed codes are now fetched from our oEmbed service rather than generated internally, so they’ll always be up to date.

Full installation and usage instructions are available on the plugin page.

Note for users of the existing plugin: Because we’re releasing a whole new plugin, prior installations of Navis DocumentCloud won’t automatically update. You’ll have to deactivate/delete Navis DocumentCloud from your site and install the new plugin. Sorry! This should be a one-time process, and future updates will be delivered through the normal WordPress update mechanism.


We’ve added an oEmbed API to make it easier for developers to get embed codes for documents and notes. oEmbed has become a standard for easily embedding Web content, and it has long been one of our users’ top feature requests. Now, instead of having to reverse engineer the format of our embed codes, developers can just send a request to the DocumentCloud API to ask for a correctly formatted embed code.

CMSes that support oEmbed can turn DocumentCloud URLs for documents and notes directly into embeds.  So users can be assured that their CMS won’t eat or mangle an HTML/JavaScript embed code, and developers can use existing oEmbed tools to support DocumentCloud’s current embeds as well as future types of embeds we have in the works.

If you’d like your CMS to support embedding documents as easily as DocumentCloud’s WordPress plugin, you or your developers can read more about our oEmbed service in our API help pages.

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