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Ahead for 2015: A Faster, More Productive DocumentCloud

Jan 20th, 2015


Anthony DeBarros

If you’d dropped into the DocumentCloud workspace in Columbia, Mo., at the start of January, you’d have found at least two things: a team actively avoiding the single-digit temps outside the office and a whiteboard that we frequently filled with ideas, photographed for posterity, erased and filled up again.

We ended up ignoring the temps. The ideas generated enough heat to last us until summer – and beyond!

So, what’s ahead for 2015? We’ve spent the last year researching and reflecting on what you want, both as a buildup to the recent $1.4 million Knight Foundation grant and to make sure you’re as happy as possible with the service. We want to be sure the platform is fast, reliable, and enables you to do your best work.

There’s a legacy to continue. DocumentCloud was founded by and for journalists to support in-depth reporting around public documents. Today, more than 900 news organizations worldwide use the platform. Whether it’s publishing the documents related to doubts about the guilt of a Texas man executed for murder or the grand jury testimony regarding the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., journalists use DocumentCloud to give their readers a first-hand view of the primary source documents they gather.

We plan to build from that success. The DocumentCloud team’s expanding, and we’re locking in a roadmap to grow and improve the platform. We’ve recently hired a director of product development, and we’ve just posted a job description for a front-end developer. With a bigger team and lots of focus, we believe that by the end of the year, you’ll see substantial improvements and expanded offerings that will maintain DocumentCloud’s place as an essential reporting and presentation tool.

So, here are some things we’re going to do to help you:

Improved processing. If you use DocumentCloud, you upload documents to the platform. You want them processed quickly, without errors, so you can get right to publishing or annotating. Over the last year, we’ve made substantial improvements to our processing cluster and sped up imports of popular documents uploaded by multiple users. And we’re glad that you’re noticing the results. We have more work planned – look for a blog post soon detailing the changes.

— Go mobile. We know (and so do you) that more of your readers view more of your content on their phones. So, we’re planning mobile-specific changes to the viewer to improve scrolling, zooming and the experience in general.

— More storytelling tools. We’re exploring ideas for expanding the display options for the viewer, such as presentation templates, social media sharing, notes displays and more. Many of you have asked for oEmbed support, and we’re looking closely at that!

— Telling DocumentCloud’s story. We’ll bring you more blog posts like this, keeping you up to date on our progress and listening for your ideas. We’ll also tell you more about how to make better use of all the site has to offer — such as deeper search options — and highlight great examples of your storytelling.

— Expanded reach and premium offerings. We want to make sure DocumentCloud is going to be available to journalists for years to come, and one way to do that is for the platform to begin generating revenue. This goal is part of the Knight grant, and so we’ll be exploring options – premium features, opening the tool to additional types of users on a fee basis, donations, and other ideas.

Beyond those, we have many more ideas, among them better feedback on document processing, ability to rotate pages, better organization of the site and workspace, and batch processing options.

That’s a lot to chew in one year, but with our team expanding – and, we hope, with continued contributions from the open source community – we’re pretty excited about the prospects.

As always, let us know your thoughts!  You can reach us on UserVoice, Twitter, or email.

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