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Printing Document Annotations

Sep 26th, 2011


Ted Han

We’ve been hard at work during our short Columbia, Missouri hackathon at DocumentCloud’s new home at the Investigative Reporters & Editors office. As a result we’ve rolled out a new feature for readers and journalists to print annotations made on documents.

Journalists have been publishing documents through DocumentCloud for a while now as well as annotating documents both for readers and for their own story writing processes. We think it’s just as important for DocumentCloud to make story writing quicker and easier as it is to help readers find primary source material.

So, when Marshall Allen of ProPublica told us that he would like to try using DocumentCloud to take his story notes, we did our best to help out. As a result, you can now select one or more documents in the workspace and choose “Print Notes” under the “Publish” menu.

This way you can annotate your sources in DocumentCloud, and have a single copy of all your research ready at hand for your copy editor or read when your flight attendant announces that all power switches should be in the off position.

And readers can find a “Print Notes” link in the sidebar footer of the document viewer too.

We hope this will help readers and journalists alike note and collect information in the format the best suits their workflows. Happy Printing (and remember to recycle)!

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