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Embed a Set of Documents

Mar 30th, 2011

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Sets of documents are nothing new to DocumentCloud.

The Las Vegas Sun published hundreds of pages of legislation, emails, court filings and medical records alongside their award winning package on hospital care in Las Vegas. The Sun‘s Marshall Allen assembled each document collection by hand to produce that page. Plenty of other newsrooms have used our API to do likewise. Even with the API it isn’t trivial to assemble and publish a set of documents.

Some document sets are living creatures that continue to grow: Chad Skleton at The Vancouver Sun has been adding documents retrieved from the local ferry authority’s website to a growing cache of public records on DocumentCloud. The only way to ensure his readers will find new documents as they roll in, is to point the public straight to DocumentCloud to find ferry authority FOIAs. It should be easier to embed that growing set of public documents right at The Vancouver Sun.

Samuel Clay has been working very hard to make that possible for every DocumentCloud newsroom.

Embedded Document Sets

Some newsrooms will stick with our API. For the rest, we’re delighted to introduce a widget you can use to embed any documents as a freestanding set.

To embed your own document set, just open a project or search for the term you’re interested in and select Embed these Documents from the Publish menu and follow the instructions to configure your document set. Don’t forget to preview your work!

When you’re happy with it, paste the embed code on your site and consider adding some CSS to integrate your new document set into your site’s design. It’s that easy.

Your search can include any combination of terms. You can limit the results to a project or documents you uploaded, or you can search all public documents or even all annotated documents. See our help pages for more insights on searching DocumentCloud.

Embed any documents that come up in a search even if your newsroom didn’t upload them. Every document is attributed to the newsroom that uploaded it, and when your readers open documents from an embedded set, they’ll view those documents at the URL where they were originally published. Public documents that haven’t yet been explicitly published will open on DocumentCloud.

Whether you embed a project or the results of a search, new public documents added to that project or matching those search terms will appear automatically in your embedded document set, within a few minutes of being uploaded.

Give it a spin, and try out the embedded search below:

We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with embedded document sets, and we’d love your feedback on them.

3 Responses to 'Embed a Set of Documents'

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  1. Very nice! Actually looks close to what I tried to do here:

    But as expected, you guys did it much better. Just put it in use here:

    Chris Amico

    31 Mar 11 at 4:21 pm

  2. Could you make it possible to customize the size of the document set widget? Right now, when I try to put it into the 280-pixel-wide area on our pages, it cuts off a portion of the text.

    Michael Becker

    18 Apr 11 at 12:31 pm

  3. Wanted to make sure folks who share Michael Becker’s interest in customizing embedded sets know you can follow along over on user voice:

    Amanda Hickman

    2 May 11 at 7:27 pm

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