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A Million Pages

Feb 28th, 2011


Jeremy Ashkenas

This morning, not quite one year since we opened our beta to newsrooms at NICAR 2010, the millionth page of primary source material was uploaded to DocumentCloud. Reaching this milestone so soon is a tribute to our users and the amazing document-driven investigative reporting you have published over the past year.

Most of the thousands of documents in our catalog have arrived in small batches: five documents here, 20 there, most often accompanying a breaking story. Take a look for yourself: browse through recently published documents by searching for “filter: published” or read up on other searches you can run.

Now is a good moment to highlight some notable recent stories:

Last week, Center for Public Integrity launched a series of articles on hidden hazards at oil refineries in the United States. Readers of Regulatory Flaws, Repeated Violations Put Oil Refinery Workers at Risk can review a dozen citations and court filings that the Center’s journalists used in the reporting.

Sunday, The New York Times published the first installment of an investigation into lax regulation of natural-gas drilling across the US, accompanied by a large cache of E.P.A. and industry documents.

The Seattle Times reported last week on evidence of financial abuse in Seattle public schools, based on documents released by state auditors. The documents detail over-billing, intimidation, and ethics violations that add up to $1.8 million in potentially fraudulent expenses.

Thanks for a great first year, and here’s hoping that the next year brings millions more pages, and more great document-driven reporting.

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