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Going Public

Jan 26th, 2011


Amanda Hickman

With close to 200 newsrooms contributing documents and thousands of documents in our catalog, we decided it was time to open DocumentCloud to public searches.

Wondering who is still covering the Deepwater Horizon oil spill? Try a search for “deepwater horizon” organization: transocean, and see documents that both reference the rig by name as well as the drilling contractor, Transocean. Then, click on the “Entities” tab to see more data provided by OpenCalais’ entity extraction.

Did you miss Memphis Commercial Appeal‘s coverage of Ernest Whithers? Catch up with a search for
group: commercial-appeal withers, and find every document uploaded by reporters in the Commercial Appeal newsroom that mentions Whithers by name. Curious to see the annotations journalists have been making on the documents they’re sharing? Try a search for filter: annotated and you’ll skip any documents that were published without annotations.

There’s plenty more you can do with DocumentCloud’s search syntax. Check out our primer and try a few searches.

We’d love to know what you think, and what you’ve found.

PS. Finding bugs rather than documents? We want to know about those, too.

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