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Thursday Updates: Set Publication Dates, Email Alerts for Uploads

Nov 4th, 2010


Jeremy Ashkenas

This morning we rolled out a much-requested update: the ability to set the date on which a document will become public. Until now, users have been manually making documents public when a story was ready to go live. Newsrooms that run new reporting late into the night were left to make documents public before the reporting was available. As DocumentCloud’s user base grows, and as we inch towards public searches of the catalog, we knew reporters need to be able to set the hour of publication and know that no one will get a sneak peak at their reporting.

To get started, select a private document and choose “Set Publication Date” from the “Publish” menu.  We’ll always default to the coming hour:

Every hour, we check for documents that should become public and publish them. Documents you’ve embedded on your website will be available to all visitors and they’ll begin to appear in searches of DocumentCloud’s catalog.

Something to keep in mind as you’re incorporating this feature: processing access changes isn’t instantaneous. If you need documents visible at 3:00 on the dot, you’re still better off changing the access level in advance.

Upload Improvements, Too

To make the routine uploading of document collections a bit more pleasant, we’ve also added another small convenience: when you upload a set of documents, you can now ask us to email you when those documents have finished processing. This is especially useful when you see that there are quite a few documents ahead of you in our queue or when you’re uploading a huge heap of documents yourself.

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