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Mini Document Viewers…

Sep 10th, 2010


Jeremy Ashkenas

I’m pleased to announce that today (finally) we’re releasing of one of our most highly-requested features: A smaller-format document viewer that can be embedded inline within the text of an article. A few newsrooms have been beta-testing these fixed size document viewers over the past couple of weeks, so you can see them in action by visiting this Des Moines Register article about Fred Hoiberg’s contract, or this WNYC annotation of New York’s new ballot design.

Sometimes these fixed size documents are too small to read comfortably. We’ve added a “full screen” button at the bottom-left corner of the viewer that pops open a full page document viewer, for readers who want a closer look.

To make it easier to create a fixed size viewer, we’ve added a wizard that appears when you click on the “Embed Document Viewer” link, and walks you through the required three steps. First you’ll review your document for publication, and make sure that the document has a “Related Article URL” pointing at the story that references the document, and a “Document URL” which tells DocumentCloud the location of the document on your web site. Then you’ll configure the document viewer to appear at the desired size, with an option to show or hide the sidebar, and the ability to preview the viewer to make sure it looks right. The last step is to copy the embed code and paste it into your page.

For the complete embedding instructions, see our publishing help page.

… and More:

Mini viewers aren’t all we have for you this week. DocumentCloud now collects information about email addresses and phone numbers that are detected within your documents by OpenCalais. As with any other entity, you can view lists of phone numbers and email addresses in the “Entities” tab, show the text surrounding each mention, or use them to filter your document set.

Finally, we’ve added a contextual menu that appears whenever you right-click on a document. From here, you can open the document, edit fields, view entities, start the embedding process, or delete it.

We’re hoping that the new fixed size viewer makes it possible to embed documents for newsrooms that weren’t able to previously write a custom template, or fit viewers into their existing layouts. If you use them for a story, let us know how they work out.

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  1. Woohoo! The mini-viewer looks fantastic, thanks for putting it together.

    Michael Morisy

    13 Sep 10 at 2:36 pm

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