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Introducing Page Notes

Jul 27th, 2010


Jeremy Ashkenas

The Document Viewer has always supported the ability to create “page notes” — annotations that sit between two pages and provide commentary about a specific page as a whole or an introduction to a new section of a document. This morning, we released an update to DocumentCloud that provides a way for you to create page notes from within the viewer.

To try it out, open a document you’ve uploaded and click on one of the “Add a Note” links in the sidebar. Hover your crosshair over the margin in between pages, and you’ll see a dotted line appear, with a note tab on the left:

If you click, you’ll create a page note in between the two pages. Add a title and some text and click the “Save” button. The note’s title will appear in the navigation on the right. Of course, page notes are viewable and editable from the workspace, just like any other.

If you’re logged in, you can take a look at the sample document shown here.

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