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HTTPS Support (and Other Updates)

Jul 20th, 2010


Jeremy Ashkenas

Monday morning we rolled out SSL support on — visit to view, browse and edit documents in your workspace over an encrypted connection. When you use HTTPS, all traffic between your computer and DocumentCloud is encrypted before it’s sent over the internet. If you’re working on a public wireless connection, are on an unsecured network or are dealing with highly-sensitive documents, we recommend using HTTPS.

You can tell if you’re an secure connection by looking at your browser. When visiting a secure website, all browsers display a lock icon somewhere on the window. Here’s what the lock looks like in Google Chrome:

More Search Parameters

We’ve also added new ways to filter your DocumentCloud searches. You can now use “access” to filter your documents by their access level, and “projectid” to designate a specific project when you’re using our search API. (Access to searches and the API are limited to registered users during the beta.)

Use "access" to search documents by access level.

To view only your private documents in a particular project, you can add “access: private” to your search terms. Searching by “access: public” will show you only public documents, while “access: organization” will show you those documents shared within your organization.

Already using the search API? We’ve added search terms that let you limit public results to a single project. Drop a line to support AT documentcloud DOT org if you’d like to take advantage of this one.

Still waiting for an important feature? Let us know!

These improvements are only available to users who have an account on DocumentCloud. If you’re a reporter who works with primary source documents, and you’re not using DocumentCloud yet contact us to find out how to start.

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