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Bidding IE6 Adieu

Jul 9th, 2010


Amanda Hickman

Last week, we rolled out an update to DocumentCloud’s document viewer that included a wide range of improvements that you might never even notice. Page layouts and scrolling look very different under the hood, pages load and scroll much faster now, annotations work better, readers can resize a document viewer without setting off a barrage of little hiccups. We replaced much of the viewer’s JavaScript with CSS, which we hope will form a much more stable foundation for DocumentCloud development going forward. In the process, however, we stopped supporting for Internet Explorer 6.

IE6 has long been the bane of web developers: developing web applications that work as well in IE6 as in other browsers is substantially more difficult than bypassing the ten year old browser.

IE6 users will still be able to download a original PDF of any document and will see a landing page that encourages IE6 users to upgrade their browser or install Chromeframe.

The New York Times, with whom we continue to collaborate closely on development of the viewer component of DocumentCloud, has long planned to phase out support for IE6. They don’t test new tools against the browser and will soon update to the same version of their document viewer that DocumentCloud is running on. The Times isn’t alone: YouTube began phasing out support for IE6 in March and other Google products are expected to follow suit. We’re certainly open to feedback on our implementation.

Meantime, take a look at some of the great things reporters are doing with DocumentCloud.

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