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Gathering Examples of Collaboration in Investigative Reporting

Jun 23rd, 2010


Amanda Hickman

Cross posted from PBS Idealab.

I recently attended the Investigative Reporters and Editors 2010 conference and ended up talking with Astrid Gynnild, a post doctoral research associate in the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen in Norway. She’s researching collaborations in investigative journalism.

I showed her some of my favorites: The Los Angeles Times, ProPublica, ABC News and Washington Post working together on Disposable Army was one of them. Frontline, ProPublica and the Times-Picayune’s coverage of police shootings that were never investigated after Hurricane Katrina is also great reporting, but she’s looking for more. Are you collaborating internationally? On an enterprise reporting team? Do you work closely with one or two other reporters in your own newsroom? She’s curious to hear about it. I am, too. What makes collaboration work when you’re an investigative reporter?

Share your thoughts and experiences in comments. Or, if you don’t want to comment here, you can write to her directly. She’s

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