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Interface Updates

Apr 22nd, 2010


Amanda Hickman

DocumentCloud is still in beta. One thing that means is that it gets better every day. Or almost every day. A few recent improvements are worth noting:

Manage Access from the Edit Menu
Sharp eyed users will notice that the “Manage” pulldown has disappeared. If you want to delete, publish (or un-publish) documents, you can do that right from the Edit pulldown.

Related Reporting

If you’ve published a story that made use of a document you uploaded to DocumentCloud, you can tell us about it by adding the URL to the “Related Article” field, available from the edit menu.

Links to your reporting will then appear in the document viewer if someone finds your documents through a search of public documents.

Click and Double-Click

We heard you loud and clear: clicking thumbnails to “select” and titles to “open” wasn’t intuitive. We changed all that. Now you can select anywhere on a document’s thumbnail, title or description. Click once to select it and twice to open it.

Try out ctrl-click (command-click for you Mac users) and shift-click as well: you’ll find they work a lot more like they do on your desktop.

Want to join the beta? Write to and tell us about the documents you’re working with.

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