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Seeking Consultants (updated)

Nov 17th, 2009


Amanda Hickman

update: we have what we need for now, thanks.

Have you been watching DocumentCloud roll out code releases and wishing you could be part of it all? You can! We’re looking for a couple of consultants to help us build out Document Cloud: we need a JavaScript consultant to work with us on an ongoing basis over the next few months and a Posgres expert to do some intense consulting with us.

We’re building a research tool for reporters, a semantic search engine, an index of primary source documents with our grant from the Knight Foundation. DocumentCloud will be free and open source software.

We need a JavaScript developer to help build out a rich, web-based tool that journalists will use to search and organize documents, as well as visualize the relationships between documents. A strong foundation in HTML and CSS is required, bonus points for comfort in Ruby. If you think that doing full JavaScript MVC in the browser doesn’t sound like a crazy idea, then we want to hear from you.

We also need an expert-level PostgreSQL consultant to sit down with us and review and refine our architecture plans. We’re looking someone with plenty of experience working with sharded Postgres installations, someone skilled at tuning Postgres for full text searches over very large datasets (potentially approaching hundreds of thousands of documents) and well versed in best practices for deploying Postgres on EC2.

If either of these sounds like you, send your resume, a rate quote and a short description of particularly relevant work to: with “JavaScript Developer” or “Postgres Consultant” in the subject line.

Hint: the subject line matters more than you’d think. Our “jobs” inbox has a procmail filter and three folders: JavaScript, Postgres and Trash.

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